Elevated Genetics

Elevated Genetics High Altitude BullsSchmitt Angus Ranch and Cedar Mesa Ranch partnered to make Elevated Genetics. Our goal is to offer elite high altitude genetics for ranchers in the mountain west. We will provide bulls and females that are backed by generations of PAP scores on each animal, to insure you our cattle do work at high altitudes. We stress the importance of phenotype as our bulls are bred to achieve a unique combination of calving ease, moderate frame size and extra length and muscling. Our females are expected to breed back in a 60 breeding season without added supplements. They will raise quality calves on our summer pastures without creep feed.



Schmitt Angus Ranch

Schmitt Angus Ranch Hight Altitude BullsSchmitt Angus Ranch, established in 2006, is a family owned and operated black Angus cattle operation nestled away in the Rocky Mountains of Southwest Colorado. At Schmitt Angus Ranch we truly believe our operation can’t be profitable unless our customers are profitable. Therefore, we pride ourselves in breeding cattle that are economical and functional for the commercial cattlemen raising cattle in the rugged high mountains of the west. Our emphasis is on moderate, sound structured, smooth moving cattle with top notch mothering ability.

Owned by: Joe & Terri Schmitt, Justin & Erin Schmitt, Cory & Jessie Schmitt and Melissa and Ricky Carver



Cedar Mesa Ranch

Cedar Mesa Ranch High Altitude BullsThe Cedar Mesa cow herd is comprised of functional females, where fertility and functionality come first. An emphasis has always been placed on balanced trait cattle, evident in predictable performance and phenotype. Many Cedar Mesa bulls have been utilized in operations who run at elevations of 9,000 feet and above. We run our cattle like our customers do, this means our cows are expected to calve unassisted, in a foraged based system, and wean a heavy calf without creep feed.

Owned by: Andrew Schafer & Family